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Testimonials from past contestants, Queens and guests of Young European International finals. We would personally like to thank anyone who sends us messages about YEMI and especially the people who have left their review on our Facebook so that we now have a 5* Rating! 

"My daughter was a late edition to yemi, we were so warmly welcomed it made

no difference. Jeyanne (director) always made time to answer any questions despite

having so much to do. The pageant was literally incredible from start to finish.

Everyone knew what they were doing, celebrated each other. I love how they

genuinely support the whole pageant community, and each girl. It ran quickly and

smoothly and my daughter had a great time! All the girls even the little ones rallied

round to encourage each other. First pageant I've attended where I felt relaxed. I

highly recommend Yemi for all the right reasons! Can't wait to go back!" 


- J. Hilden Parent to Junior Miss Wiltshire


"YEMI is the best experience ever and from competing in YEMI I gained confidence and

friends for life, YEMI is the most supportive system I’ve come acrossand I cannot thank you

Jeyanne enough for giving methis opportunity I honestly enjoyed it so much I’ll be back

again next year to compete again."

- Amy Brooks Miss Manchester 


" This is the second year in a row that I have come to watch YEMI. Fantastic show, fair contest and amazing atmosphere.  Well done"

- Guest

"Young European International Miss has been the best pageant I’ve ever competed in!
They would me feel so welcomed and always there to help with questions and advice.
I would highly recommend them to anyone. I may not be back for 2019 but my plans for 2020
have already started!"
- Sheri Miss Wiltshire
"For anyone considering entering a pageant or returning to pageant land I could not recommend YEMI enough. I returned after 4 years out and it was the best thing I ever did... YEMI has given me a whole new family, a new outlook on life and a new found confidence. Jeyanne is the most incredible director alongside the other wonderful ladies, they are all so supportive of every single girl/woman and that is priceless. So after placing 1st runner up at the 2018 finals I said I wasn't going to compete again but I just can't not be a part of the family for another year!"
- Alicia Mrs Suffolk
"YEMI is fun and so welcoming, brings back the original style of pageantry and allows girls from all systems the chance to shine in their iconic crown walk"
- Guest

"Would I recommend YEMI as a pageant system?! 100% YES!!!

This system has been an absolute dream to be apart of, from the moment I sent my application

to being crowned the Ms titleholder. Jeyanne and Honora are amazing directors and full of so much knowledge, they make sure you have all the correct information needed to have a great experience in the run up and during the finals. The whole team, including the wonderful Tracey are just fabulous!  I have no doubt that anyone who applies to be apart of the YEMI family would have a great time.  It truly is an honour to be apart of the family and I'm so looking forward to representing Europe in Texas in 2019.  Thank you to everyone involved from directors to judges to fellow YEMI sisters for helping make my experience a positive and unforgettable one"

- Domanique Current Queen


"I am over the moon after competing In YEMI2018, I placed 1st runner up and i just couldnt fault

the system; I love the motto Aspire to Inspire
Jeyanne is an amazing director and i would say that if you're having any doubts about entering..

just do it! You make lifelong friends and get the opportunity to compete in Texas!"

- Mya Teen London

"Once again YEMI was absolutely showstopping.  You can really see the work that goes in by your team and your queens."

- Guest 

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Young European International Pageant

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